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Posted by on 12 October 2018

As a SilverStripe developer based in Australia I sometimes get the chance to work on some fantastic projects. I am currently completing work on two very exciting websites at the moment using SilverStripe. Both contain an e-commerce component so I have elected to use the SilverShop module as the basis with some heavy customisation.

I'm really looking forward to sharing these with the community once they go live.

Project one is for a large membership organisation based in Australia, with many different components such as:

  • membership registration
  • membership payment and renewal
  • email notifications
  • blog
  • document search database
  • online store
  • events and events ticketing system

Project two is a for an Australian store selling roller blinds online. I have used SilverStripe to develop a flexible system that allows the administrator to add the various options for each product and provide that to the customer in a very slick front-end interface.

If your next project needs anything like the above please contact Jellygnite, Australian SilverStripe developer.

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